Values/Needs Exercise

Values are intangible aspects of our life and work that are VERY important to us. Our prior experience in our families, schools, organizations and society has helped us to form these values. If these intrinsic values are not present in the work we do, we are not likely to be satisfied -- regardless of the extrinsic rewards (title, compensation, etc.).

Needs are similar to values, but they are much more "noisy." In some ways, they are the "flipside" of values in that they can explain why we value something. They can range from very basic physical needs like food, water and shelter to deeper psychological needs like security, freedom, and self-expression. Like a child that is hungry or wants attention, adults often "act-out" when their needs are not being met -- and can become very childish. The more we understand what our needs are and how to get them satisfied on a regular basis -- the more likely we will be happy and productive in our work.

Please select the top 5 values that are most important to you from the list below and add the information to your profile. Feel free to add any additional values that are not on the list in the text boxes below. Also, tell us about any needs you have that when not met -- cause you to be more child-like. You can also revisit this exercise anytime.

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  Hard Work
  Life Balance
  Risk Taking
  Being Different
  Being a pioneer
  New Ideas
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