Super Support Exercise

Sometimes we get an outcome that we don't expect -- a suprise. Unfortunately, suprises are often not welcome because they are simply not what we expected. The truth is suprises are evidence that we are doing work we are meant to do. We are leaning forward and taking enough risk to produce outcomes we can't control -- and didn't plan for.

When we do work that we are meant to do, the world responds in ways that we could not foresee. At times, these responses will seem like supernatural sources of support. When we most need a positive outcome -- no matter how small -- something will happen to sustain us. When good people do good work -- good things happen. It's a fact that sometimes we don't get what we want, "but we get what we need."

Please describe any suprises or sources of support you have seen as a result of your actions by filling out the form below and adding the information to your results. Also, please tell us any lessons you are seeing in these outcomes. You can also redo this exercise anytime.

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