Free Sample Exercise

Now that we have some clarity about the people and places that are likely to benefit from our work -- it's time to be more specific about what we will do for them. One way to get more clear about the work we are meant to do is to offer to do that work for FREE initially -- like a free sample. The work we are meant to do is so satisfying to us that we are happy to do it for free in the beginning. This doesn't mean we will never get paid to do this work. However, it does mean we are not likely to get paid to do this work if we aren't first willing to do it for the intrinsic satisfaction. This must come first.

Maybe your best work involves teaching a workshop, or baking a cake, or designing a floor plan, or coaching others. Please describe some work you are willing to do for free by filling out the form below and adding the information to your plan. You can also revisit this exercise anytime.

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