Obstacles Exercise

A close cousin to our fears are the "obstacles" we see in front of us. These are external conditions that are real -- but can always be overcome with creative thinking, real work, and persistence. In most cases, obstacles are really opportunities for creative growth, learning, challenge -- and often ways to do our best work. Obstacles are things to go over, under, around or through as creative, whole human beings.

The hallmark of doing work we are meant to do is when we are able to turn obstacles into resources. Not just overcome the obstacle, but actually make it work to our advantage. For example, not having enough money to start a business is a common obstacle -- yet an enterprising entrepreneur will turn this condition into a strength by using it to accelerate a development process, or attract partners that are not solely motivated by short term financial gain. Without obstacles and constraints, there is no creative process. A painter works with the constraints imposed by a canvas, brush and paint to create a work of art. So to do we use the limited hours in a day to create the life we want.

Please describe any obstacles you are seeing in front of you by filling out the form below and adding the information to your plan. Also tell us how you might be able to overcome these obstacles. You can also revisit this exercise anytime.

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