Mission Exercise

While we all have a mission to fulfill in this life, it often takes work, experimentation, patience and trust in our intuition to develop a real sense for it. A mission is like an overarching purpose that guides us, comes from a place inside, and connects us to something bigger than ourselves. Simple examples of missions include: "being the best teacher" or "creating jobs" or "fighting for patient rights."

While these examples sound simple and concise, they generally don't start that way. They often start as only a vague feeling or sense of being connected to something important to us. Sometimes it's hard to hear or pay attention to these subtle urges because of the distractions in our daily life. Please take some quiet time to reflect on what your mission might be and tell us anything that comes to mind by filling out this form and adding the information to your Dreamsheet. You can also revisit this exercise anytime.

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