Interest/Passion Exercise

Special interests are areas of knowledge or experience that we are attracted to and enjoy working in. Prior life experiences at home, school, or work enabled us to form these special interests. We might find a particular theme or topic reappearing intermittently in our background. This can be evidence of a special interest. Examples of special interests include a field or area of expertise, a technology, a past-time we might have, or a cause or issue that is very important to us.

Special interests become "passions" when there is also an emotional connection -- usually resulting from a significant emotional event in our life. The Latin root of the word passion means "to suffer." That means people sometimes pursue their "passion" at great personal cost or sacrifice. Wild dogs couldn't keep them from doing what they are passionate about.

The more your special interests and passion are present in your work, the more likely you will be successful and happy. Please answer the following coaching question to reveal some of your special interests and passion. After answering the question, just click the "add to my Profile" button to add this information to your profile. You can also redo this exercise anytime.

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Special Interest Coaching Question: If you were stranded on a desert island with one other person and could only talk about 3 subjects that are meaningful to you, what would they be?

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Passion Coaching Question: If you had only 1 year left to live and could choose to do any work that you wanted to do, what would it be?


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