Fabulous Failures Exercise

Perhaps the most counter-intuitive exercise is thinking about a "failure" as being "fabulous." The truth is we almost always learn more from our perceived failures than our wins. In fact, the "failure" label is usually something we attach to an outcome to communicate the absense of anything positive. While we might feel this way in the short term, our challenge is to find the learning that will endure and carry with us. The only true failure in life is the failure to learn from our experiences.

Without failed projects, failed businesses, or failed experiments . . . there would be no progress. Failing fast is better than failing slowly -- since the lessons can be applied to achieve success. Please describe any small (or large) "failures" you are seeing as a result of your actions by filling out the form below and adding the information to your results. Also, please tell us any lessons you are seeing in these outcomes. You can also redo this exercise anytime.

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