Compensation Exercise

Last but not least, the financial component of our work is obviously a major factor in our success and satisfaction. We all make choices about our lifestyle that dictate the amount of money we must bring home each month to pay the bills and achieve our financial goals. We can also attach other meaning and value to the financial component of our work. Sometimes we chose to re-align our life-style and financial requirements to permit us to do work that is less rewarding in financial terms -- but more rewarding in other terms (interest, passion, etc.).

Base salary is usually the biggest part of our income. Additional variable compensation can take the form of sales commission, performance bonus, stock options or other forms of deferred compensation. Benefits are also an obvious form of compensation and can also take many forms. Again, our lifestyle will dictate what compensation and benefits are important to us. Viewing these requirements in the context of the other items on our Dreamsheet is a good way to see the whole picture.

The more realistic and clear we are about our financial needs, the more likely we will satisfy them -- in attracting opportunites, structuring our new business or negotiating a job offer. Please tell us about your compensation requirements by filling out this form and adding the information to your Dreamsheet. You can edit the information directly on your Dreamsheet by clicking the vision button and editing the text there. You can also redo this exercise anytime.

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