Brand You Exercise

Have you ever thought about yourself as a "brand"? Think about the Nike brand and feelings of performance and action might come to mind. IBM tries to communicate "trust" while 3M (the original maker of Post-It notes) is about "innovation." These companies are actually organizations of people that have a shared vision and values. They stand for something in the marketplace -- and sometimes reflect the values and vision of a single founder.

So to do we need to stand for something to be remembered and connect with the right people. Our vision is a projection of who we are and should be unique to us. We are all unique individuals -- with a unique mix of education, experience, challenges, beliefs, values, skills, interests, passion and lessons (our profile). The more we give the world who we are -- the more we will get back what we need to turn our vision into reality.

How are you unique? What do you stand for? What problem or need can you fill in the world? Who is likely to be attracted to this work? Please think about these questions and tell us what comes to mind by filling out this form and adding the information to your Dreamsheet. You can also redo this exercise anytime.

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